Core Competency


  • Long term association with the best in class IRE developers across multiple geographies
  • Unstinted experience and enhanced skill sets of the team and boards in funds and portfolio management, investor relations, real estate lending policy and business set-up, cross-product and multi-location exposure and core underwriting experience
  • Trained in international standards of e-governance, compliance and reporting standards as required by all relevant Indian and international authorities and regulatory bodies, as well as global financial institutions like Wells Fargo, Standard Chartered Bank and JLL

Equity Experience

  • One of the leading FDI Investor in India with a successful track record of deployment and exits
  • No capital write-offs in any transaction done in private equity domain under FDI regime
  • Relevant transactions have returned in line with underwritten projections, despite the financial meltdown
  • In-depth experience of investing and asset managing ~110 million sqft in various SPV and entity-level investments across India, with leading developers in real estate.

Debt Experience

  • Responsible for developing construction funding platform in leading Indian and MNC banks in India
  • Underwritten and managed exposure of more than US$7 billion, with no history of bad debts